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better late than never

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wow. one of my MIA records, again. well I will blame it on crazy times at work (I honestly thought it will never end!) and insanely high temperatures. Last 10+ days we are surviving on average 35 degrees. And this made me wonder, how do you stay fashionable when all you want to do is skin yourself to the bone, and wearing as less clothes as possible is the only thing on our mind. If you have the luxury to be at seaside enjoying the sun and sea I can imagine that this is not your problem, but if you're stuck in the city, working, how do you gather the strength and enthusiasm to pull an outfit, interesting and satisfying for your inner fashionista but still that keeps you from melting. This heat wave has killed my inner fashionista and the only thing on my mind is how to stay dry. 

Staying indoors sounds like a good plan. AC, great music in the background and as much blogs to read as possible is a great recipe for surviving this madness. Watermelons and ice cream sound great too.

green apple and cherry yogurt with raybans in the background.


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