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For the love of Shabby apples, I`m in Love!

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What started as an ordinary Wednesday turned to be quite an inspiring day. I was lucky enough to have one of those days at work, which resulted in findings of all kinds, and through out the whole blogosphere. Thank you for that dear interned (an universe). I am truly blessed.

So, what did I find?, you are probably wondering. OK, I will share in a moment. But, pics first. Its no wonder they say picture is worth 1000 words.

This is a photo from one of Shabby apples vintage inspired collection called a Mad hatter. The collection is inspired by romance, fairy tales and obviously Alice in wonderland. the inspiration resulted in fabulous pieces from skirts and blouses to dresses and hats, hence the Mad hatter. A true ode to a tale, they had me at first madness and this is what I picked for myself to buy, when my wallet comes back from the dead, this wonderful dress in (one and only) mint color.

If you could, what would you pick from this lovely vintage wonderland?

Our next stop goes all the way to another magical place, Rome, Italy. It makes me think of Audrey Hepburn and Holiday in Rome.
Simple and elegant, chic and classic this collection would be perfect for any occasion. Most of them I would wear to work and enjoy the famouos italian vibe of chic and style. The only thing missing would be this cute little red vespa. For my trip to lovely and romantic Rome I would pick this yellow (mellow) Bellissima dress (if only I was a blonde!!). Ciao bella!

What would you wear on a romantic night out in a true italian restaurant?

Since we are skipping places (and realities), on this fahionable journey of ours, why don`t we skip some eras all the way to 1965! Do you love retro? I adore retro. vintage? retro? you`ve got it!
Our next stop is Shabby apples collection simply called 65. I can totally picture myself wearing this lovely white dress with teal polka dotts, with gloves and cat eye shades with my hair in the wind... what a joyride! don`t you agree? Oh, so many combinations and outfits roam my mind this very moment.

How would you dress for your very own retro cadillac ride to a very retro picnic?

In the light of current era we are enjoying, and with summer on our dorsteps, I would need a swimsuit, although I can`t see myself going anywhere near water with all this fabulosity  - the hair the make up... This is a tough one. So many wonderful designs, which one to choose? But then again, why only one? I pick you, you, you and you :)

The collection that shows my true inner retro is called Twin palms and is the one I really like the most. It captures the true beauty and chic in fashion in that era. I like the color choices and how designs and cuts emphesize womans beauty and elegance. The collection captured true retro glamour and would like to buy - everything! But as everyting in life, there are favorites: this, this and this :) The biggest conclusion of this little adventure through time and space was: I need to go blonde.

Where (and/or what occasion) would you wear this lovely tiffany-blue chiffon dress with white polkadotts?

Since there are so so many amazing collections, if I were to include and present them all (which I would be glad, because they really are beyond amazing) this post would be almost infinately long.

For more information and all collections that didn`t made the cut visit Shabby apple and go nuts.

DISCLAIMER: I think this one is important. Every day I see so many ramblings about what bloggers do when it comes to brands, and advertising, sponsor posts and stuff.

This is not a sponsored post. I just found an interesting brand I feel conected to and wanted to share this with my readers and everyone who wants to know me and my style a little better. I DON`T get compensated in any way for writing and linking this brand.

Feel free to visit on your own terms. I got bedazeld and amazed and so excited with their designs and to be honest totally head over heels in love. The result is this post. I hope you can see why :)


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