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flowers and peplum style challenge

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So, I have decided just a second ago (and forgot the idea under that very second) while browsing through The chic street blog, that in the near future I will do the unthinkable - try out floral pants (that would be in fact THE first floral print item in my closet ever!- I know, I have been living in the dark ages of trend and style) and that peplum everyone is talking about.

Usually I am not that trend driven when it comes to fashion, buying trendy (usually only to wear for that one season) items is something reserved for really special items, that I have envisioned in my head before they even became a trendy item and that I see me wearing for another season or two no matter the laws of trends. These kinds of clothes appear so rare. For example, I have welcomed this years mint craze with my arms wide open. why? Not because I am a fashion prophet who had visions of mint colored items for many months before, but because I really really like that shade. Since that particular color wasn`t that present in collections offered in high-street stores, and my sewing skills are fairly limited (for now) the only thing for me left was to go crazy when this trend hit the stores. And to be honest I didn`t go crazy, I just bought a pair of skinny pants from Stradivarius. But I am still dreaming about that texture-knit mint sweater from Asos.

Why the sudden change in my modus operandi? Well maybe it is due to drought that is lasting for last several months, or in fact I am becoming bolder in my fashion choices and rather than "hiding" behind my usual pattern pallete (there isn`t one. I think that I don`t own a single patterned or printed item at all), this spring I will gather up the curage and go nuts.

I am a bit worried that in the end these items will end up for sale (as a matter of a fact I am thinking of cleaning my closet, lots of stuff I don`t wear at all, or have bought and never even tried it in public, so that will be a fun project too) or worse, thrown in some dark corner of my closet. Its like hell for clothes. But then again, this floral pant/peplum issue bugs me so much that I need to see for myself.

To wear or not to wear, that is the question!?

Or.. I could always go all the way like Tamu and combine florals on the peplum too :)

She is wearing J. Crew Fresco Floral Peplum Top and Cafe Capri Pants and Miu Miu Gingham pumps. LOVE!

Challenge accepted!


MateaTPol said...

za nosit definitivno! meni u garderobi fale cvjetne hlace i taj jedan slatki peplum !

Lola said...

The floral trousers you've shown in the top pic are beaut, I love the colours used! Glad to hear you've decided to jump on the floral trousers bandwagon, cant wait to see pics! and yes, i am also in love with the mint knit


A Casa da Vá said...

Love the idea of going bold with prints... Want to see the pics!

Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

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