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The coat

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source: Style.com

This photo is all about THE COAT. I wrote it in caps because if I were to buy a coat, I would buy this one. If only I knew whose it was. I suppose the owner is M. Duma? or I just totally lost it? Since the photo is croped I can`t tell... but the facial features told me it was miss MD.

So I was sayin`... now when I am looking at the photo, I begin to wonder, is it realy a coat, or maybe a varsity jacket? What ever it is, it would go great with this candy blue nail polish I am currently wearing.

The real research is about to begin. So many questiones to answer. If, by any chance, you do recognise the owner in the photo or/and the type of garment in question, feel free to share. I hate to be kept in the dark.


Dubravka Dodig said...

Ovo izgleda kao pravi posao za jednog Šerloka ;)

Tara said...

:D zamisljam te sa lupom :D

Lola said...


Lola said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, it's so flattering to know that you were intrigued enough to go through all the older posts, too kind! XX

the style crusader said...

Did you ever find out where the coat is from? I L-O-V-E it... that's definitely Mira... will keep an eye out for any info on where that is from. In my mind it's more of a jacket then a coat... It would be pretty much perfection in a short slightly boxy fit. So good so good. Love it. xx

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