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The tale of the fashion blogger - inspiration

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I found this post about fashion blogging phenomenon written by Kim from Brunette blogging, and this sentence just stuck with me. Its so true. And kind of romantic.

.."girls all around the world were no longer writing “dear diary” but went outside with their Nikon or Canon". Or Olympus.

Do you remember those days when you were writing everything down (some of us still do)
in a most beautiful notebooks you could find? Special attention was put in choosing the right design of fore-mentioned notebook. Oooh, those were the days!

The old saying goes something like this - every age has its own. So while I most certanly did enjoy the diary writing hype at a younger age, I sure do love this new techno-virtual era of fashion blogging and looking up through camera lenses.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

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