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Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year

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So, here I am, again, after almost a year of pause, starting over, yet again. Starting a(nother) fashion blog. Although I've been around for quite some time (fashion blogging wise of course) it still feels kind of strange and new for me. My now dead blog started as a hobby when I got unemployed, and unexpectedly became more than that. I discovered a wonderful world of fashion, photography and great, interesting people. I loved playing dress up since I was a kid; but never even dreamed I would be in fashion as an adult. So, it seems I discovered something about myself too. Even if my day job is not fashion related, expressing my style and love for fashion is very important to me. Long story short - I love clothes!

My blogging "career" started in 2004 and then the idea of posting photos of my outfits or anything similar didn't even crossed my mind. I was writing and expressing my inner world in (apparently not so) private diary. In 2008 I was introduced to a world of fashion blogging by a local daily news site, as they wrote a piece on (now) worldly renowned bloggers such as Klara, Jane, Miss Melbourne etc. At that time I have lost my job, and my days were open to whole new world of entertainment. So, I started to blog myself. My fashion blog would be 3 years old now, but G+ killed it. So, there you go - technology!

Starting a (new) blog is kind of weird. It feels like you are a new kid in school trying to get into a clique. I am not saying that people make me feel that way, but since fashion blogging is now so popular and not to mention competitive, a bit of a pressure is inevitable. To be honest, I am not here to compete or steal someones spotlight. I just want to share my love for fashion with the rest of the like-minded people. I hope you'll have me.

There is so much to do around here, I hope you will like what you read and see and help me grow through your opinions and advice. I have re-considered this so many times; analyzed and thought through so much and it took me a lot of time to agree with myself how am I going to do it.

So here it is. Not polished, not nearly ready and certainly not posh as many of blogs out there. But, I will try and get there.


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