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DIY red circle skirt

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Just a little sneak preview of my newest project - DIY red circle skirt. I wanted a red flare, full circle skater skirt and to be honest, they are hard to find in stores. Nearly impossible. There was one in H&M but it was too short and did not quite embodied the "look" I was going for. And buying on line is not quite my cup of tea since I  had my share of bad choices of on line shopping, and 80% of purchased items end up to be the wrong size no matter the extensive measurements taken.

Preparing for this little DIY I scoured the web extensively and found quite a number of really, really good DIY blog posts. While I tried to do mine from A pair & a spair, I ended up doing the simpler version, without the zipper, just using the elastic waist band to make it fit.

In my first attempt I made two 5.5 cm pleats, front and back, but ended up with something funky in the middle of the back, from each side of the zipper - unwanted pleats. So, I ended up removing the pleats altogether and the zipper. It was a good idea, and the waistband gave the skirt "natural" pleats. YAY!

How I tailored the fabric? Easy-peasy. Just follow instructions from A pair & a spair and don`t forget to adjust to your own measurements.

Big thanks to lovely Geneva from A pair & a spair for great instructions and tons of resources.

 If you would like to check out other great DIY resource on how to make a circle skirt you can always browse Pinterest, I found some great finds there.

This is it!

Stay tuned for my DIY red circle skirt related post with real, honest-to-god whole body outfit post of me wearing the skirt. Yeah, I know, these never happen. Like, never!

Until then you can check out this idea for my next project - tulle skirt. This one seems very simple,

the best I think, that I found so far.

I only need to buy tulle.

I`ve been thinking of doing the simple white one, but also something like this. Yes. Polka dot tulle.



MateaTPol said...

super, a gdje je slika tebe i suknje? .D

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