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Startas sneaker of Croatia

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STARTAS is a Croatian sneakers brand. Startas sneakers are hand made, produced in Croatia and made from natural materials.   

 They are sold in several basic models, white, red, blue and black. Also they come in few different more creative models.

Startas sneakers are a big hit in Croatia, kin of like TOMS in the states. It is not unusual to see basic white models to be decorated, painted and embellished into little pieces of art.  There are no limits. 
Visit their FB page for more photos and be sure to scroll all the way down to peek at those amazingly decorated models. 

amazing, right?!

And next time, I will introduce you with Startas` bigger sister - Borosana. That is one crazy shoe. Believe me.


Miranda McDonald said...

I love this idea of using all natural materials in fashion! Great find!



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