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Will Getting Rid of ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Return Fashion Week to Its Former Glory? - THE CUT

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This subject was widely discussed numerous times throughout last few years, and there are always different opinions. Lovely Victoria of The Well blog brought this to my attention in her post few days ago. I can`t say I have picked my side. I am standing on both sides because I think that there are good arguments on each side. Referencing her post to the article from The Cut, Victoria argues her side firmly and with such bright honesty. After all she is a blogger too. It all started with ODLR expressing his frustration with FW shows which he finds “full of 20 million people with zero connection to the clothes” and plans to cut his invite list to a maximum of 350 people.
Catherine Bennett, senior vice president and managing director for IMG, says the company that runs Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will make similar changes to its shows next season. She tells the Wall Street Journal that Fashion Week “was becoming a zoo. What used to be a platform for established designers to debut their collections to select media and buyers has developed into a cluttered, often cost-prohibitive and exhausting period for our industry to effectively do business.” – The Cut
So, what to say? I have to say that although I do understand them, trying to bring back the exclusivity to fashion shows, I don`t entirely agree (all) fashion bloggers should be banned from FW shows. When this blogging phenomenon appeared the world was facing an economy crisis and in a way designers and FW “needed” extra promoters, free advertising etc. If not that, the blogging phenomenon was just the big tidal wave in social changes of the world that changed ways that we knew before – in fashion, social media, etc. Blogging became a profession and some bloggers became very influential. And as once in history of mankind we couldn`t imagine that computers will become so important parts of our daily lives, bloggers invaded – well everything. And as a social phenomenon I think blogging can`t be totally discredited and bloggers shouldn`t be banned from what appears to be a holy grail in their niche. It would be absurd not to recognize someone’s fashion talent, knowledge and great sense of style just because he/she has a wrong title. Blogger instead of editor in chief or whatever. I do agree that FW in general and shows have become a zoo in a way. With so much hypocrisy. There are bloggers who definitely do not have a reason (except they really, really want to go – like me!) to be there, nor they contribute to fashion on any big scale. As much as this is hard to admit – it is true. And for that reason I do understand designers and other fashion related hot shots to want a clearer picture of this grand happening. I do understand them wanting to make these events more luxurious and not accessible to just anyone. But if we are talking expertise and if designers are pulling rank with their mouth full of blogger`s inadequacy and inexperience when it comes to fashion and clothes, then please by all means ban Hollywood celebrities as well. Nobody can tell me that they have God given gift for fashion. They just have big bucks and actually can afford (not necessarily buy designers clothes but rather to “borrow”) labels. And in the end this is what it comes down to. Just admit it and don`t be a hypocrite. I get it. There is no need for some almost broke girl to be sitting in any row at a fashion show when all of her sense of style, amazing blog or expertise in fabrics and etc won`t buy any of so coveted items that strut down the catwalk. And no matter how many readers she has, or how influential her voice is – she is still broke and many of her readers are too. As The Cut finishes, the main thought of the article is brought to us:
“Fashion has always given us a tidy way to quantify social hierarchies.”
What I resent to aforementioned hot shots the most is their accusations that bloggers make fashion shows a zoo. Although there are few influential bloggers that have taken a great part of the scene during FW when it comes to street style photos, still all those experts and know-it-alls are the ones eating the biggest pieces of the cake called “before/after the show street style photos”. Seriously, no matter how many bloggers do manage to be photographed by SS photographers, in the end, the ones being the stars of the hour are the ones making the most fuss. Big hot-shots of the fashion world. And in the end, that is their job. But then this has to be addressed properly and honestly. Few extra no name bloggers do not make it a zoo, celebrities do. Big fishes from the fashion sea with their sometimes absurd and over the top outfits make it a zoo. You asked for it. Now bite the bullet and live with it.

So you can see why I am in doubt. What is your opinion on this?
p.s. I love this photo and find it perfect for this post because the audience is unrecognizable. And even the model and the clothes are not visible. The light stares right at you and puts you in the spotlight, while watching everything, the mentioned zoo from outside. Love it!


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