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Stiletto nails, yay or nay?

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The (in)famous Lana del Rey stiletto manicure at first was on my "nay" list, but recently I have been rethinking this trend. I have been seeing pointy nails more and more on girls and women around me, and I have to say, I like them more and more with each new design I see.

Of course, my dear friend Pinterest, provided me with endless examples of designs regarding this (obviously) growing trend. Although I mostly have strict advocacy towards natural, short nails, sometimes something hits me and gel / acrylic nails appeal to me. But to be honest, even then I choose a moderate, elegant, somewhat demure design.

But, since YOLO, there are times to try something different and go all crazy. This time I choose to make a statement with my nails, and hopefully that will happen soon.

 collages made by me

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