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Delpozo perfection

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Browsing pinterest always brings me to interesting posts and awesome inspirations. Not to mention, falling in love with all the amazing finds, all accompanied with excessive drooling over the screen.

 That said, I would love to share with you my love for this SS2014 Delpozo collection.

Although usually I am more inclined to wear very fitted clothes and go for figure showing outfits,
this collection left me speechless. The way fabric hugs the body, how it creates an fairytale outfit and still remains true to its form without corrupting the figure, left me in love with every single piece. In love, head over heels. 

The length of the skirts (than amazing low calf cut), the height of the waist, fabrics that are used and the way every piece of clothing was crafted in a magical masterpiece makes this collection one of the most amazing ones I've seen in a long time. 
Usually there are (just) few pieces per collection I really like, and the rest is "nah" and I don't usually care for the rest, but this one, pure perfection.

I bow to you Josef. If ever I do end up living a life of a princess, I will be honored to be dressed by you. 


I can't stop watching these amazing photos.


the style crusader said...

Seriously cannot get over how beautiful this collection is. These photos are crazy beautiful. xx

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