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Wish Wish Wish

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Although my title could suggest I am talking about lovely Carrie but that is not the case. This time the theme that brought up wishful thinking is, or correctly are - plates. To be precise  - skull plates.

I am not much of a fan for anything with skulls, some DDLM folklore could work, but in general I am no skull lover. So when I saw these plates I knew I had to share this, they must be special. And they truly are.

This two last ones are for sure my favorites from this skull inspired collection and I wouldn't mind to own a set. So, dear Santa, you know what to do next.

If you think these plates are just up your alley and perfect for your next cake tea party please do visit the site and pick something that makes your heart sing. You can pick something not so skull-y :) although this tea set is just delicious. And why stop there? You can buy cake plates, whole china sets, teapots, cups and more. Just go crazy. 

Besides the obvious new found love for skulls on plates, this site offers a wide variety of amazing and super chic things for home, ladies and gents. Clicking the home link was a big mistake, my heart almost gave out from all the beauty they offer. So be very careful :) and enjoy!


The Chic Sheet said...

These are super cool!


MateaTPol said...

poprilicno su cool, mislim si kako bi se moji gosti iznenadili da jedu kolac s takvog tanjira hehe

Lola said...

Hmmm kinda creepy!

Anonymous said...

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