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it`s time... isn`t it!?

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It has been ages since I posted my last post, which was, in fact, posted just for the sake of posting. Shame on me.To be honest, I can`t even remember how it feels to be inspired by anything. It`s just work. Work, work, work. but lets get one thing straight, I don`t work 24/7, just the ordinairy 9-5 shift. But this takes all the energy out of me. So, the only thing I can think of, when I finally comute the hell out of me back home, is to faint straight on my bed. The key into the doors - whooops! - I am already in bed.

Hopefully this will change, I just have to find a way to stay standing and awake when I come home. I miss blogging, reading my favorites, and connecting with all of you interesting people out there.

There have been a few, ok, more than few (I have been at least able to shop like crazy in the past month) novelties in my weardrobe. New rain boots (I adore them, they look amazing, not rubbery and plastic at all), new leather boots (it has been a bootfull autumn), a few new pairs of mustaches, one very special white gadget, an umbrella... yes, the list is long. So, the plan is to update you/blog with new ins, to show where my style is going these days. Inspired by what, whome and where.God, please give me strenght and inspiration for this little project of mine. (to be honest there are a lot of projects going on, being presented to silent partners and disscussed with, I can`t wait for them to go live!)

Looking outside through my enormous office windows and contemplating the rest of this post, I got all winter gloomy. Look at it. Its so gray, my heart clenches for a moment. And then I think of the date and what time of the year is comming near, so my heart unclenches and races with joy....

Browsing through different blogs and sites, the subject of up and comming holidays is well covered,
I loved all the bling and glitz inspiration, so stay tuned for posts with all the interesting finds. Hopefully it will be published in this week/month/year.

thank you all for visiting :)



Dubravka Dodig said...

Pre svega hvala na divnim komentarima! :)
Uh, ne znam šta je gore, nedostatak inspiracije ili radno vreme, verovatno ovo prvo, ali svejedno rezultat je na kraju isti, no nadam se da nećeš ponovo praviti ovolike pauze :)

ZxM Style-Squared said...

I nama ovde u Vankuveru kisobran treba vise nego hleb- i to izuzetno kvalitetan!!;)

MateaTPol said...

napokon si se i ti nama vratila :) i hvala na komentarima :)

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