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New in: Gold digger

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Gold statement ring and bow earrings - Parfois
Paris Eiffel Tower necklace - Six.

I bought these a while ago but failed to show them.
It is quite a joy to wear them, I fell in love and couldn`t leave them int he store.
I don`t usually buy jewellery often, and have a strict policy to buy pieces that are carefully picked and have a purpose in building a look.
Since I am now (and it has been for quite some time now) in my gold phase,
I scout the stores for just perfect pieces. When I see something just right, that feels like just the thing I have been looking for, I know its a great buy.
Impulsive shopping is reserved for clothes and shoes. My closet is a living proof :D I can`t be perfect all the way, right!?

What is your philosophy when buying yewellery?


Minted Glam said...

Love those bow earrings! So adorable!



Petra Z. said...

Fun earrings! Thanks for all your lovely comments:)

Style Lounge

Dubravka Dodig said...

Baš sam pre neki dan gledala slične minđušice, ali sam odustala :)

Petra Z. said...

Thanks so much for your feedback! I had problems posting myself, very slow...
gotta check into that!

Style Lounge

Christine Yun said...

Wonderful photos, you have such pretty pieces.


Katie Frank said...

wow these are so beautfiul <3

the style crusader said...

Super cute! I tend not to buy jewelry very often. I've been addicted to big statement rings lately and I've got a couple that I just tend to switch between. xx

MateaTPol said...

prekrasan nakit, ja smao mogu reci da ga imam premalo!

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