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Thinking of Summer and Sea

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All these pastel colors, my teal wrist watch and especially my striped top made me think of summer and sea. Or was it the other way around, so I dressed accordingly?

Since it is unusually cold for this time of year thoughts of summer and sea have been delayed big time. I still wear long sleves and a jacket in the morning when I go to work. We should be wearing sandals and minimum of clothes (required by common sense and public regulations).

Yesterday afternoon (I had the day off, yay!) I spent roaming different stores in seartch of some great pieces to buy. No luck there. I really don`t like to look like 99% of girls around me, and I certainly refuse to spend big bucks on crapy clothes. Lets not name names but, I am pretty sure you know what I mean. It gets so frustrated when I am living on a budget and need to buy in high street brand stores whose quality is frankly very dissapointing. So I bought only a pair of pants (and they will probably last just few months until they loose color or just rip apart like the rest of them - which is very strange, because I wash my clothes only on a gentle sensitive machine program)
and two tops. One of them is shown above. Wish me luck.

I went off topic. Yesterdays roaming reminded me that my summer vacation is near and that I have only 10 days to gather up all the neccessities. New pair of shades is a must, and its a must two days ago. The old ones lost the battle with my negligence, scratched.

A new bikini. Wish me luck :)

This turned out to a quite of a rambling post. My appologies.

In photos above you can see my ICE watch, H&M pastel bracelets, wearing a random teal nail polish, and my mothers saphire engagement ring, my wedding ring and some random ring; striped top and shoes from Tally Wejil, Stradivarius pants.

p.s. what are your experiences with you-know-which brands I was talking about? How do you prepare for summer? Which are your summer neccessities?


Dubravka Dodig said...

Super su boje. Lepa ležerna kombinacija, sudeći po onom što vidim :)

MateaTPol said...

kad ce slike od vjencanja? ja za ljeto volim hipie dodatke puno narukvica :)

Sabrina Musco said...


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The Chic Sheet said...

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